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Apartments near the sea - advantages of renting

For many years the Baltic Sea has been the favourite holiday destination of Poles. Clean air, the beauty of the surrounding nature, the possibility of both active recreation and lying on the beach make the Polish seaside something for everyone. Looking for accommodation, it is worth paying attention to the offer of rental apartments. Our accommodation, located a short distance from the sea, will provide you with a comfortable, stress-free holiday. A huge advantage of our apartments is their location, which will save you time getting to the beach. Unique sunsets will be at your fingertips, and you will be able to "jump" to the beach at any time, without time-consuming preparations. However, a small distance from the sea is not the only advantage of our accommodation. Check out why it is worth staying with us!

Our apartments are well equipped

The apartments we offer in Kolobrzeg are well equipped, so you do not have to take with you on a trip the basic everyday appliances or kitchen accessories. The equipment of each apartment is in fact:

  • TV,
  • radio,
  • electric kettle,
  • iron,
  • fridge,
  • stove,
  • hob,
  • washing machine,
  • full tableware.

The full equipment of the apartments means that not only will you not have to bring so much luggage, but also contributes to creating a truly homely, warm atmosphere in which it is pleasant to spend a vacation.

A trip with the family? Only to the apartment!

Renting an apartment near the sea is an ideal solution if you are going on vacation with a large group of friends or family. Our apartments are divided into several rooms. Each apartment has a living room, separate rooms and a kitchenette. This allows each guest to have their own personal space, and at the same time you will be able to spend time together whenever you feel like it.

Renting an apartment allows you to avoid expensive eating out.

Renting an apartment is also associated with considerable savings, related to food. Because each apartment has a fully equipped kitchenette, you do not have to eat out and spend a large part of your vacation budget on that. This is especially important for families with small children.

Renting an apartment near the sea is connected with additional attractions.

When renting our apartments you will also be able to use the grill house, professional Fitness & Spa zone, gym, playroom, swimming pool with massages and water jets, jacuzzi and sauna. For the youngest guests we provide a playground.

So, if you are going to visit the Baltic Sea, rent apartments near the sea and your holiday will surely be successful!

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